Java Workshop

Java Workshop powered by INTRACOM-TELECOM is our upcoming event! Java Coding is an educational programming seminar based on Java and will be conducted by the executives of Intracom Telecom in Patras.
The event is part of the Talent Miner program, which aims to increase the absorption of young people in the labor market, as well as to the development of their skills.

The workshop is mainly addressed to students from 4th and 5th year from the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer Engineering. Graduates of the above fields can also participate, as well as professionals with little work experience.

The seminar will take place at company's facillities in Patras (Panepistimiou 254), it will be started at 10:30 to 16:30 and the excact date will be announced soon. 

For the best quality of the workshop the number of participants is limited to 32, and their selection will be made according to the above participation criteria.

Participants must have their laptops with them, have basic knowledge of JavaEE and have the programs installed:

  •  Eclipse for Java
  • Git
  • JDK (version 8)
  • Postman
  •  GitHub and Docker Hub accounts
  •  Docker desktop (Linux containers)
  •  Windows 10